Iceland in june

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While the idea was long existed, in summer 2007 Henny and I decided the following year to travel there.

Much things will come to us. Internet has made it possible to gather the necessary information. Reports on the Internet from previous passers Iceland, Wikipedia and a lot of surfing, form a notion of what we could expect. In January 2008, the choice of a twelve daily trip. And so the route known.

For divide every day efficiently, I've made a scenario. During that trip, I can write my experiences there. It is nice to share experiences and thoughts on writing. The possibility to do this in a report and share it with others, I can do now. That is why I have invited family and friends to share my daily report through a mailing.

Instead a shoebox with photographs, I have made a book into two parts. The initial reports slightly adapted or improved and the many photos of that day behind added. However, on the screen, the photos are still more beautiful. That is why I invited a selected group of readers to see all the photos, movies and hyperlinks to Internet movies / info, with me at home on video screens to watch. After several presentations and requests from friends, villagers, friends and colleagues to see one too (or again), I take the step to put our experience Iceland on the world wide web.

I would give my presentation, as I have made it in iMovie, completed entirety on the Internet to continue. However, all these movies within Ken Burns-effects, subtitled captions and music, are up to 150 MB each. The downloading time will be too long for most people. Therefore I chose an other format. But even now, you will have to raise some patience. That is what you have to need.

All music en films are .mov files. (QuickTime)

The music you find in bars like an example next to here. Out of these music I used fragments in my iMovie presentation. Here on the Web you can (mostly, if you wait 10 to 20 seconds) already start it when the photos loading.

Most hyperlinks are a mirror. To be sure, just in case there is someone not even there and can’t be found. A beautiful site of a jokulhaup I unfortunately do not have downloaded in time. Now it is not longer on the Web available ...

In Part 2 of the books I left blank a few pages for readers to ask for something to scribble -because this is fun for "later" -.

As the book I ask the visitor on this site:

Send me a e-mail!

Henk P. Brouwer

December 2008

By the way. Is there something on this site that does not seem right, does not work or otherwise not okay, please use the above e-mail address too.

All photographs on the photo pages and reports are mine.

My voyage experience Iceland in june 2008

So beautiful, so overwhelming. So much in too short time. What a particular country. Wherever your camera is focused, everything is in touch.

This report is not a photographic project to Iceland display. These are personal impressions and memories that "later" as a guide can be used for journey experience again.

I am not a tourist who wants scamp highlights. Henny and I did do this, more or less. You gotta start somewhere ...

Henk P. Brouwer

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